Testimonials for Personal Chef Meals

Chef Becky is a delight to work with. She is both professional & personable. She goes to great lengths to find out what kind of food, spices & seasonings you & your family enjoy. Her food is delicious, and the portions are very generous! It’s so nice to go to the freezer, pull out one of Chef Becky’s entrees for dinner, & know that everything has been made fresh with no preservatives or additives. Now we can just enjoy our children & grand kids on family dinner night instead of racing around the kitchen trying to get a dinner together after a busy day. So nice! Thank you, Chef Becky

Nick & Kathy Aliotti

Chef Becky has provided catering services for our business. Whether they were staff get togethers, board meetings, or recognition gatherings, they have happened with great service and a smile. With Becky in charge of our catering we never worry about the food. We can focus on the agenda of the event and know that the food and service will be exemplary. When she caters our board meetings, we eat, get to business, and don’t even realize that they are still there finishing their service. I highly recommend Chef Becky for any catering needs that you have.

Scott Impecoven – CEO Oregon Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America

When our family rented a beach house to celebrate our Mother’s 80th birthday, we made a unanimous decision to choose a personal chef for the big dinner rather than go out to a restaurant. Choosing Chef Becky was a great move. She helped us with the menu planning and was able to accommodate dietary restrictions with no compromise on taste or variety. The dinner was fun, delicious and beautifully presented. We highly recommend Chef Becky for any special occasion.

Katrina Nielsen

We absolutely LOVE Chef Becky! Her meals have been a blessing to my wife and I. We are in our 90’s, and Becky’s meals have made our lives so much easier. The variety is amazing, the portions are very generous, and they’re simply delicious.

Ralph Cobb
Retired Attorney

I am so grateful for Chef Becky’s meals I am on a very, very restricted diet due to a health condition and was feeling deprived of good food, as well as losing weight unintentionally because of my restrictions. Chef Becky worked with me to create phenomenal, gourmet meals and helped me gain back the weight I had lost. Through her services, I no longer feel deprived and my desire for delicious food on a regular basis has been fulfilled! Becky’s creativity and flexibility are unparalleled!


I want to acknowledge how great of a person and a chef “Chef Becky” is. She is currently working with my nutritionist and I to help get me in the best possible basketball-shape before I take off. I’m training very hard, so therefore I need the healthy foods to replenish what I lose during workouts. She prepares meals with the correct nutrition and serving sizes for me. She is very easy to work with and makes some of the best food I ever had. Her wide variety of cooking styles and recipes is one of the most impressive. From Japanese Miso soup to Dijon Vermouth Salmon, she can do it all. If you need a chef, she is the ONE!!!

Joevan Catron

I had Chef Becky put together an amazing meal for my annual guys golf trip to Sunriver last weekend. Artichoke & Spinach Dip Appetizer, Chicken Saltimbocca, Pesto Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli, Caesar Salad, Cookies and Brownies….YUMMY. 8 guys were thrilled and were amazed at how tasty the food was. THANKS Becky. You’re the best.

Mike Newman
In Business Media

Our children gave us a gift certificate for Chef Becky in 2003. We have been enjoying the meals ever since! Chef Becky’s entrees are tasty, unique, and easy to prepare – just exactly what you want at the end of a busy day. We look forward to each new dinner – always a treat!

Chuck and Sue Kesey
Springfield Creamery

It was awesome! The food was some of the best I’ve had and the services that she provided during the process were second to none. I was skeptical at first with the idea of having someone else cook all of my meals, but in the end I was more than happy with the end product.

I was always traveling and my schedule was filled, but Chef Becky was always available to deliver food and answer any questions I had. I cannot really narrow down which of my meals I enjoyed the most, as they were all awesome! The Dijon Salmon, Meatloaf, Mexican Shells, Italian Pizza Turnovers and on it goes! All of her food was great.

At the beginning of the process I had a goal of gaining about 8-10 pounds of good weight in preparation for the 2012 NFL draft. I started off at 310 lbs and at the end of the process I had gained 8 pounds, while managing to look as if I had lost 10 lbs! She is a great cook and an awesome person. I recommend her to anyone that wants to lose weight, gain it, or just wants to eat great food.

Darrion Weems
Offensive Lineman, Denver Broncos
Former Offensive Lineman, Oregon Ducks

I was so very thankful to find Becky. We were going through a remodel in our home along with working full-time and the thought of trying to put together dinners was too much. She was our saving grace! She was thorough with her questions, accommodating to my husband’s lactose intolerance, and the dinners were always delicious. Her service was top-notch!

Cheryl & Bob Morris

Chef Becky has been a God send for our family. It’s great that she makes kid friendly dishes for our children. She meets everyone’s special diet needs despite what diet restrictions they may have. We had Chef Becky come to our home on Mother’s day and she prepared the most amazing meal, my family is still talking about it. With all the chaotic schedules at our home we can always pull something out of the freezer for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Chef Becky is the best!

Kathy & Dr. Scott Kitchel
NeuroSpine Institute

We are very pleased with our service from Chef Becky. She has been especially accommodating with my special dietary needs. Not only did she research my condition, but she also shopped and experimented with recipes that would suit my needs. All of the food has been delicious and easy to prepare. I love our “Chef Becky” nights because it gives me a free evening while still providing the family with a great meal!

Diza and Dave Hilles
Chambers Construction

The service from Chef Becky has been a welcome relief in our household. We found that having a nutritious gourmet meal ready to put in the microwave or oven immediately when we arrived home, not only saved time and energy, but also was more affordable than eating out.

Jeanne and Doug Harcleroad
Former Lane County District Attorney

For over five years, Becky has cooked for us. It started with some help at Thanksgiving and grew from there. She runs a very professional business, really gets to know her customers, learns their likes and dislikes and boy oh boy, can she cook! If you love to eat, but don’t necessarily love to cook, Chef Becky is a godsend. I highly recommend her services.

Duane & David Funk
Funk & Associates

Chef Becky is the best chef in town!!

Kellie Chambers

The service from Chef Becky has been a welcome relief in our household. We found that having a nutritious gourmet meal ready to put in the microwave or oven immediately when we arrived home, not only saved time and energy, but also was more affordable than eating out.

Jeanne and Doug Harcleroad
Former Lane County District Attorney

Chef Becky’s Mission: Create full-fledged meals within our budget for a film crew of over 50 hardworking & hungry people, six-days-a-week for an entire month. The crew had diverse tastes consisting of; meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, special dietary needs, food allergy specific individuals…then have it all arrive at a precise time, piping hot & tasting great, at locations such as “Thompson’s Mill in Shedd @ 1am” on one day and “the Covered Bridge in Fall Creek @ 4pm” the next.

Mission Completed! Chef Becky came through for us and then some. I would highly recommend her services for any occasion and the next time I shoot a film in Eugene I know who I’m calling for catering. Chef Becky is the BEST!

Brian Cooper
Line Producer
Symbolic Entertainment

Thank you for the wonderful job you did in catering Megan’s wedding brunch. Clearly, I would not have made it without you. The food was delicious—everyone raved. Your quiet and calm organization set the tone. We are grateful for your help.

Judy & Gil James

We would like to give you heartfelt thanks for your efforts on our behalf. We have had numerous compliments from our guests regarding your work. We were able to enjoy our wedding brunch as if we were guests. We can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. Keep up the good work!

Joseph & Lydia McKinney
Oregon Roads